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I’m a  ‘Weaver of Worlds’. I write innovative and iconic scripts. I write primarily science fiction as it predicts the outcome of future realities. I also write action-adventure, drama, and historical drama. I’ve completed several scripts and reality t.v. shows.

The messages of my scripts revolve around higher consciousness, paranormal experiences, and social justice.  I describe my work as iconic and visionary. I write to inspire, engage and empower. My passion creates the magic that creates the worlds I write…

I’m currently an undergraduate enrolled at the University of Arizona Global campus in the Forbes School of Business and Technology, for Business Administration and Management to better understand film financing. I have a 4.0 GPA.

I’m also a Mother of a Nuclear Scientist, Clarice Phelps who discovered a new element on the periodic table known as Tennessine, atomic number 117. Seen on CNN 2023The Talk in March 2023, and in People Magazine in April 2023.

My Talent resume includes being a production assistant and background actress in a small indie film, “Count it all Joy” and a feature film “Country Strong” as a reporter. Filmed with Baptist Hospital commercial as a nurse, filmed with American Insurance as an insurance agent in their training videos, and selected as a model for Regions bank print ads.

Having the experience to be in front of the camera and behind the camera as part of a production crew helps me see how the screenplay comes to life. To assist an actor with their lines shows me there is no movie without the script. The script is the foundation from which everything operates. The script is the soul of production.

Naturally adventurous, Carmen is an angler, spelunker, swimmer (with dolphins), loves horseback riding, and is a big fan of ‘Black Country’ venues, Native American Pow Wow’s (She is Choctaw), and foreign travel. Above, Carmen was horseback riding in the Giza desert in Egypt.

Having a love of travel and culture, she decided to go to Mexico and Egypt to visit the pyramids in both countries.  While in Egypt, she met Dr. Carmen Boulter, author, and director of the Netflix series ‘The Pyramid Code’ in 2017, and built a relationship with her to learn inside information about the various pyramids she had gone to. Carmen is a humanitarian at heart and writes to inspire, empower and engage the consciousness of mankind on the evolution of one’s own inner powers.

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